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  • 梅姨今天卸任,谁将接替她?
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      Theresa May steps down as Conservative Party leader on 7 June, but not as prime minister. She will carry on governing the country and fulfilling her official duties until a successor is chosen. The Conservative leadership contest will begin formally the week after she steps down - on 10 June.


      ▲ Theresa May steps down as Conservative Party leader on 7 June, but not as prime minister (via Independent)



      坚硬脱欧派 Extremely Brexity

      1. 鲍里斯⋅约翰逊(Boris Johnson)


    图 via 新华

      顶着标志性鸡窝头的鲍里斯现在是最炎门人选,前几日还得到了美国总统特朗普的添持。不过即便如许,该拒绝的照样要拒绝,这不,面对特朗普的会面聘请,他以“要去参添竞选运动”为由拒绝了。这任性水平,难怪有外媒称他是“泰晤士河上的特朗普”(Trump on the Thames)。

      Trump on the Thames? The voluble, mop-topped journalist–turned–London mayor–turned–foreign minister, who got an endorsement from Donald Trump this week, is currently the front-runner, according to most pundits and betting markets. He says he will try to negotiate a new withdrawal agreement with the EU before Oct. 31 but will pull Britain out of the EU on that date, with a deal or without one. As a leading campaigner for Leave during the original Brexit referendum who quit May’s Cabinet over disagreements about her withdrawal agreement, he is considered an arch Brexiteer, though his views on other social and economic issues are a bit more moderate than others in that camp.


      Johnson is extremely popular with the party rank-and-file, so he will almost certainly win if he makes it to the final two. Unfortunately for him, many of his colleagues hate him.


      ▲ Who Will Replace Theresa May as Prime Minister? (via slate.com)

      2. 安德烈娅⋅利德索姆(Andrea Leadsom)


    图 via Times


      The former Commons leader has said she would take Britain out of the EU on 31 October with a "managed exit". She called the current deal with Brussels "dead" but vowed to pass mini-deals keeping certain "arrangements in place". The idea has previously been vetoed by the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier.


      ▲ Tory leadership race: Who is vying to replace Theresa May - and where they stand on Brexit (via news.sky.com)

      3. 众米尼克⋅雷尼⋅拉布 (Dominic Rennie Raab)


    图 via Metro

      Raab, who was theoretically overseeing May’s negotiations with the EU, quit in protest after May released her withdrawal agreement in November. (He confusingly later voted for it as an MP.) His current line on Brexit is similar to Johnson’s—he will try to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement but is prepared to leave without a deal if he can’t.


      ▲ Who Will Replace Theresa May as Prime Minister? (via slate.com)

      4. 艾斯特⋅麦克维(Esther McVey)


    图 via BBC

      The former work and pensions secretary is the candidate most in favour of no deal. "The only way to deliver the referendum result is to actively embrace leaving the EU without a deal," she has said. Mrs McVey has insisted the "invisible border" between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland would be able to be implemented by the October deadline.


      ▲Tory leadership race: Who is vying to replace Theresa May - and where they stand on Brexit (via news.sky.com)

      温暖脱欧派 Somewhat Brexity

      5. 迈克尔⋅戈夫(Michael Gove)


    图 via Politico

      The environment secretary, who was a prominent member of the Leave campaign in the lead-up to the referendum, has warned that no deal on 31 October would trigger a general election. He is prepared to delay Brexit until late 2020, according to the Telegraph.


      ▲Tory leadership race: Who is vying to replace Theresa May - and where they stand on Brexit (via news.sky.com)

      6. 杰里米⋅亨特(Jeremy Hunt)


    图 via BBC


      He wants to create a new UK negotiating team made up of all sides of the Conservative Party, and its confidence-and-supply partner the DUP, to change the withdrawal agreement. The EU has so far said the deal on the table is not up for renegotiation. The foreign secretary says anyone promising they would take Britain out of the EU with no deal would be blocked by parliament. He has called no deal "political suicide".


      ▲Tory leadership race: Who is vying to replace Theresa May - and where they stand on Brexit (via news.sky.com)

      7. 赛义德⋅贾维德(Sajid Javid)


    图 via The Sun

      Javid was an extremely lukewarm Remainer during the referendum but is now thought of as a Brexiteer. He’s in the leave-on-Oct.-31-no-matter-what camp and advocates preparing for a no-deal. Javid, the son of Pakistani immigrants who would be the U.K.’s first nonwhite prime minister, was considered a top-tier candidate early on, but his star has faded. He has recently defended the decision to strip the citizenship of a teenager who traveled to Syria to marry an ISIS fighter.


      ▲Who Will Replace Theresa May as Prime Minister? (via slate.com)

      8. 马特⋅汉考克(Matt Hancock)


    图 via The Sun

      Matt Hancock, who is a different person than Mark Harper, wants to get the U.K. out of the EU by Oct. 31 but is against a no-deal Brexit. He has a somewhat more detailed plan than his competitors, involving a comprehensive free-trade deal with Europe and forming an “Irish border council” to help resolve the status of the border. He’s been praised by the Guardian for having “the seemingly basic virtues of being apparently competent and broadly similar to a normal human being.”


      ▲ Who Will Replace Theresa May as Prime Minister? (via slate.com)

      9. 马克⋅哈珀(Mark Harper)


    图 via The Sun

      Mark Harper, who is definitely not Matt Hancock, was not in the Cabinet during the time Brexit was negotiated. He stepped down as immigration minister in 2014 when it turned out his house cleaner did not have a valid visa, then served as disabilities minister for less than a year. The former accountant backed Remain in 2016 and hasn’t ruled out no-deal but says he will ask for a “short, focused extension” past Oct. 31, calling proposals to negotiate a new deal before then unrealistic. They are unrealistic, but it seems like no one really wants to hear that right now.


      ▲ Who Will Replace Theresa May as Prime Minister? (via slate.com)

      不甘愿宁可脱欧派 Not very Brexity

      10. 罗里⋅斯图尔特 (Rory Stewart)


    图 via Telegraph

      He was given his first Cabinet role in May and almost immediately began campaigning for prime minister. He was a Remainer in 2016 who then became an enthusiastic public advocate (sometimes too enthusiastic) for May’s withdrawal agreement. He opposes a no-deal Brexit and has said he wouldn’t work under Johnson because of the latter’s stance on the issue.


      ▲ Who Will Replace Theresa May as Prime Minister? (via slate.com)

      11. 山姆⋅吉玛(Sam Gyimah)


    图 via Independent

      Gyimah, who on Sunday became the most recent candidate to join the race, is the only one openly backing a second referendum on Brexit and says he would vote to remain. Gyimah, a former investment banker who spent much of his childhood in his parents’ native Ghana, quit May’s Cabinet in November over objections to her Brexit plan. Given that much of the party is so opposed to a second referendum that May had to step down for even suggesting one, it seems unlikely Gyimah’s candidacy is going anywhere.


      ▲ Who Will Replace Theresa May as Prime Minister? (via slate.com)

      Hmmm, 望望英国退欧的速度,也不清新这新首相能不及按期选出来。


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